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Bright Like A Diamond

Bright Like A Diamond
Carles Congost and Sarah & Charles

Curated by Alberto García del Castillo
11 Sept- 29 Nov
Opening 11 Sept  15- 10 pm
295 Avenue Volxemlaan B-1190 Brussels

"I am so happy to be welcomed in this celebratory feeling. It's excellent, excellent, excellent! " (1).
My aim here, and I want the reader to know in advance, is to depict what I will from now on refer to as "über-felicity". This is to say, a narrative strategy revealing disenchant, where a pathetic positiveness extravagance claims love and respect for our contemporary realities. These are oiled things that shine more than they should and a slippery aesthetics which does no lack of naïveté, drawing a blurry almost-kitsch atmosphere on the border between "I did not want to do that" and "this actually how I see it". Placing yourself over the normal bar o happiness throws you up to the podium, and far from being over the rest of your beloved ones, you sit on the very visible throne for critiques, while hoping that your smile wille remain untouched. A bad composition or  Carles Congost's recent series of "Bad Painting(s)" (2) are the joy of a recently varnished canvas or the opening ceremony. 

Still from "Props For Drama: Suspension Of Disbelief"
 © Sarah & Charles, 2013

This exhibition that you are about to see, entitled "Bright Like A Diamond", is an exhibition above any other consideration; and there is a cheerful volition to make it appear in front of you eyes as so. May things look bigger than they are, but we will not spend any time comparing scales and directly join the festivities of a fresh and new set-up. This first degree presentation should from here on be understood as a foundational characteristic of über-felicity, one that I could describe as a naked settlement of arguments or a sincere storytelling. In 2013, Sarah & Charles realised the video work "Props For Drama: Plot Hole" (3), a three-channel video installation where an actor follows the instructions of the narrator of the story: what you hear is what you get. Once immersed in this text, the reader can understand this piece as a direct presentation of the theatre behind the candelabra, more than a dismanting of the theatrical illusion. You might find explanatory to read the presentation of one of the collaborating writers in the last issue of Vogue Home International, "Arthur Dreyfus is Handsome, young (27), intelligent, an entranced by the question of the relationship of his own initmate history to the body, seen as aggregate of senation and representations, shot throught with narratives, images, pleasures, and suffering." (4). As also are a matter of images, pleasures and suffering the spinning lyrics of "Tutti Frutti" in Sarah & Charles "Props For Drama: Suspension Of Disbelief" (5) - a video work exhibited in the show you are now visiting.

Still from "The Artist Behind The Aura"
© Carles Congost, 2014

Storytelling is reigned by various rules esctracted from linguistics, and this we are all very aware of. When speaking about über-felicity, I would rather speak about "concessions to fiction" than analysing "constructions of fiction". This is a wave, we are waving to theatre and cinema, and we are giving a warm hug to television. We are facing a strategy that is closer to what happens in a documentary, as when in "The Great Ecstasy of Woodcarver Steiner (1974), Werner Herzog will make concessions tot the beauty of sky-jumping within his relate about the carpenter Walter Steiner; something similar to what today is happening on the Facebbok page of Tom Daley (6), UK diver and social-media star who alternates between posts on the daily life habitudes of an elite sportsman and astonishing images of his flying sculpted body; nevertheless, his boyfriend Dustin Lance Black is an American screenwriter, director, film and television producer. In "Bright Light A Diamond", Carles Congost's video "The Artist Behind The Aura" (7) does en with one very clear of these concessions to fiction, when the actor impersonating the artist assers, "Whatever it was, it was working. I did actually function pretty well and quite fast and I started to feel happy and released. I felt liberated, I felt free from some old responsibilities that suddenly were not mine anymore. I might have then seen a slight light far away. A pale but vibrant white light. The certainty of knowing that things could begin to change for all of us". 
There is a pretty big amount of joy in the visitation of popular aesthetics, it is the awakening after having been devoted to what Sarah & Charles clearly explain as "suspension of disbelief". Far from any second degree, über-felicity presents a clash between the expected and the desired, the pop taste and that of a mind placed slightly out of the path. What you are about to see is almost what you are expecting to view. As a matter of fact, in 2014, Carles Congost launched an EP featuring the italodisco singer Ryan Paris entitled "Pepsi Love" (8). By the time you'll get to visit this exhibition, Sarah & Charles would have shoot their next video work, a counter piece to "Props For Drama: Suspension of Disbelief", this time framed in a very naturalistic ambience, but still busy with the real-fake idisyncrasy of the audiovisual format. 
This is the story of the exhibition that you are about to enjoy. Do not forget to leave your comments on our Facebook page (9). 
[1] Lily McMenamy, “Google Poetics” in 89plus Marathon, exhibition co-curated by Simon Castets and Hans Ulrich Obrist (London: Serpentine Galleries, 2013), see: 22 July 2014).

[2] “Bad Painting” by Carles Congost is a spin-off of his previous video work “La Mala Pintura”,
2008. The series “Bad Painting” is currently composed by two chapters and will be completed with
new videos to come.
[3] “Props For Drama: Plot Hole”, 2013
Multichannel video, Full HD, colour, stereo sound, 20 minutes
[4] “Guest List”, Vogue Homes International Paris, hors-série 19 (Spring - Summer 2014): p. 70
[5] “Props For Drama: Suspension of Disbelief”, 2013
Single channel video, Full HD, color, stereo sound, 16:9, 14 minutes, 07 seconds
[6] Follow Tom Daley on (accessed 26 August 2014)
[7] “The Artist Behind The Aura”, 2014
Single channel video, Full HD, color, stereo sound, 16:9, 14 minutes, 07 seconds
[8] Listen to “Pepsi Love” (Woman On Holiday 2014, Barcelona) on (accessed 27 August 2014)
[9] Follow Komplot on (accessed 27 August 2014


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Imago Mundi/ Fundación Benetton y CAC Málaga

"The Incredible Hulk/ Bad Painting Series"
10 cm x 12 cm
© Carles Congost, 2014

El proyecto Imago Mundi ha nacido con la idea de itinerar pequeñas obras procedentes de diferentes países del mundo, con la finalidad de que los artistas participantes puedan narrar el mundo a través del arte pero también con la intención de difundir el conjunto de la idea del arte y la idiosincracia cultural de los países participantes en el resto del mundo. 
El CAC Málaga en colaboración con la Fundación Benetton selecciona a 210 artistas españoles que trabajarán libremente en un lienzo de 10 cm x 12 cm que podrán pintar, modificar, dibujar, cortar, añadir objetos, coser...etc. 

Bernard Eylenbosch

Carles Congost rehearsing with the actor Bernard Eylenbosch 
for the video "The Artist Behind The Aura" at Komplot, 
Brussels. August 2014.

Shooting the video at Galerie Albert Baronian for the exhibition 
"Bright Like A Diamond" together with Sarah & Charles,
opening at Komplot the 11th of September, Brussels. 

Still from the video "The Artist Behind The Aura"  
© Carles Congost, 2014

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Pepsi Love (feat Ryan Paris) EP en bandcamp

Released on bandcamp the 14th July 2014
Released on Itunes, Spotify, Deezer, Youtube...etc. the 22nd July 2014

1-Pepsi Love (Original Version) 
Efectivo y muy eficiente ejercicio de synthpop contemporáneo a cargo de Stefano Maccarrone (Mendetz) poniendo en orden los delirios y divagaciones estéticas del dúo formado por Carles Congost y Vicent Fibla para, finalmente, dar forma a un auténtico rompepistas en el que asoman los ecos electrónicos de Steve Winwood (Valerie) o Robert Palmer (John & Mary), así como flashes nostálgicos a blockbusters del tipo "Superdetective en Hollywood" o "Cazafantasmas". Incontestable hit radiofónico en una mundo ideal.
2-Pepsi Love (The Congosound Remix)
Evocadora remezcla de estructura enrevesada y sofisticada factura, siguiendo la senda iniciada en las anteriores producciones del dúo. Cruce de italo-disco, chill out baleárico y techno-pop; ideal para ser escuchada al borde de una piscina o en la pista de una discoteca retro-futurista con profusión de espejos y cortinas.
3-Pepsi Love (bRUNA Remix) 
El artífice del celebrado álbum "Thence"(spa.RK, 2013) nos regala una inspirada y luminosa remezcla, con reminiscencias de la música disco de finales de los setenta así como de las mejores producciones de Franckie Knuckles. Nos encontramos frente a un bRUNA más sintético de lo habitual, pletórico y en continuo estado de gracia.
4-Pepsi Love (Adult Oriented Disco Rock Version)
Segundo asalto a cargo de Stefano Maccarrone en este Ep artificial y heterogéneo. En esta ocasión, le toca el turno al rock de estudio de los años setenta y ochenta, con artistas como Tina Turner o Brian Adams, encabezando inagotables maratones radiofónicas de Adult Contemporary. En esta nueva versión creada a base de riffs de guitarra muy chic y, ups, también vocoders, The Congosound se presenta como una auténtica banda. La ironía está servida.
5-Pepsi Love (F600 Remix) 
Remezcla a cargo de F600, nombre artístico de Miguel Conejeros, músico chileno con pasado punk rock, liderando bandas como Pinochet Boys o Parkinson en la década de los ochenta; que desarrolla una personal relectura del tema original a partir de la puesta en práctica de diferentes recursos técnicos. Destaca el contrapunto generado entre la calidez de las voces en modo dub y lo sintético de los arreglos. Sin duda, se trata del corte más vocacionalmente experimental del disco.

jueves, 19 de junio de 2014

Self Magazine

Carles Congost/ The Congosound entrevistado en
Puedes leer la entrevista aquí.

Catalunya Creativa (I) Creativitat+Tradició

19.06 - 28.09.2014 
Apparatu, Felipe Almendros, Josep Bunyesc, Jordi Casanovas i Güell, Alfonso Casas Moreno, Bosch Capdeferro Arquitectures, Carles Congost, Joan Cornellà, Patrícia Dauder, Emiliana Design, Néstor F., Guillem Ferran, La Fonda Gràfica, Jordi Galceran, Jesús Galdón, Beautifun Games, Ricard Garcia Vilanova, Àlex Gifreu, Harquitectes, Yago Hortal, Isaki Lacuesta, Laura Meseguer, Sergio Mora, Novarama, Ramon Prat, Sergi Puyol, López Rivera Arquitectes SLP, Martín Ruiz de Azúa, Juanjo Sáez, Aleix Saló, Albert Serra, Francisco Téllez de Meneses, Toormix, David Torrents, Àlex Trochut, Mingo Venero, Vasava.

Aquesta mostra enceta un tríptic sobre la creativitat més inquieta, desbordant i renovadora que treu el cap a la Catalunya del nou mil·leni. Aborda el diàleg entre les noves tecnologies i la rica herència del passat mitjançant el llenguatge. Ex memoria spes, de la memòria, l’esperança... i la creativitat.

Els artistes plàstics, cineastes, reporters, arquitectes, dissenyadors gràfics i objectuals, dibuixants de còmic, animadors, programadors de videojocs, tipògrafs etc. presents en aquesta mostra trenquen les fronteres de la seva pròpia disciplina, alhora que no amaguen llurs orígens. De vegades estableixen un diàleg amb les arts populars, d’altres aborden una restauració d’aquest llenguatge pretèrit mitjançant les noves tecnologies. Hi ha disciplines que contemplen el càntir o les catifes com a elements tradicionals, n’hi ha que es fixen en el joc de rol, o en el cinema de Fassbinder, o fins i tot en el llenguatge contracultural de guerrilla. Cap d’elles, però, obvia l’ordinador, en el seu procedir. Ni internet, ni la globalització, ni la precarietat de les certeses i d'accés als recursos.

Activitat relacionada amb l'exposició
Creativitat + Tradició - segona planta - 19.06.2014 / 19h
Creativitat sense fronteres - sala d'actes - 26.06.2014 / 19h
Creativitat en moviment - sala d'actes - 08.06.2014 / 19.00h
Creativitat de masses - sala d'actes - 19.09.2014 / 19h

Ricard Mas
Arts Santa Mònica - Departament de Cultura

Imatge: "Walter Benjamin & The Spanish Baroque Gang In The New Golden Age"
               © Carles Congost, 2008

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Acerca de Tarzan Boy

Tarzan Boy es un proyecto de Carles Congost comisariado por Tolo Cañellas para Box 27 en el Casal Solleric. 
Para más información  aquí y/o aquí